Distribution of Shoes

Gift hampers (shoes reduce hookworms) will be done while conducting interactive sessions for children involving games, exercises and role-plays, that will prompt the children to discuss and genuinely understand key issues related to cleanliness and hygiene.

Our Projects

We Are Partners in Health

We consistently partner with dedicated corporate supporters and foundations that can provide SZABF with significant grants to make our numerous research, support, advocacy, and education programs possible.

We Educate Health Professionals

SZABF aims to train the paramedical staff and the health line workers. We offer educational workshops and programs for health professionals to help them keep pace with and contribute to this rapidly growing, ever-evolving field.

We Vaccinate and Provide Essentials to Fight Pandemic

SZABF shall work in the Province of Sindh and provide the equipment necessary to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic to the hospitals in the interior Sindh. We aim to vaccinate the people to help make the region corona-free.

Promotion of Hygiene and Helping the Education Sector grow

SZABF aims to launch a Hygiene promotion program with a target of covering 10,000 families. Our objective is to promote personal hygiene among children living in the rural areas of Sindh. The approach is based upon the premise that hygiene practices are largely acquired during childhood and that it is much easier to change children’s habits than those of adults. It will promote hygienic behavior among the children and reduce the risk of illness among them.
Hygienic behavior will create less absenteeism among the children. Good hand-washing practices will help to reduce the incidence of other diseases, notably pneumonia, trachoma, scabies, skin and eye infections and diarrhea-related diseases like cholera and dysentery. We aim at conducting awareness campaigns for children and parents in schools.